Bye Channel [V]

Channel V

As a 16 year old, I regularly frequented the Channel V chat room where I would spend hours after school playing music trivia. It was probably had a direct impact on my high school education, but hey, I got really good at music trivia and that’s going to get me far in life….right?

As you are probably well aware of now, Channel V has decided to shut up shop. While I haven’t really watched in the last 10 years because I find most new chart music unbearable, I was an avid fan in my high school days. I’ve had an everlasting crush on Yumi Stynes, and they had some other great hosts and great programming.

Here are some of my favourite things that came from the channel.


Room 208: This was like a really bad blue light disco where you could voyeuristically watch teens and young adults dance around in a room. The best part was when you’d see someone who obviously loved coming, come again and again. It was kind of like when you named the fish on FishCam on Channel 31. Another amazing part was watching awkward male/female interactions, especially if they were getting rejected.


Band In A Bubble: Who wouldn’t want to see a band live in a giant bubble in Federation Square, Melbourne while they record an album with cameras going 24/7 Big Brother style? Ok probably a lot of you. But I loved this show. While I wasn’t a huge fan of Regurgitator’s newer music, or as Regurgitator put it ‘I like your old stuff better than your new stuff’, it was interesting to see the thought process it went into making an album and the guys trying to live with each other in such a confined space. Also shout out to Quan Yeoman and his mum who would bring them meals, as an Vietnamese (and English) Australian, it was refreshing to see Vietnamese people on TV. That’s how starved I am for diversity on Australian television…

The resulting album was ok I guess, but the show probably gave me more enjoyment.

Presenter Search: The presenter search found new VJ’s like; Yumi Stynes, James Mathison and Stephen Bourke and Billy Russell from the two series I watched. Stephen Bourke was a particular favourite of mine because he was extremely awkward and endearing but didn’t look like someone who should be on live television. I mean look at this ray of sunshine.

Stephen Bourke

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