Q&A with The Last 24

The Last 24

We haven’t had a Q&A for a while but you’re in luck, we’ve got one all the way from Norway! The lovely Marthine from pop-punk band band The Last 24, she’s not only absolutely stunning, but she has an appreciation for Millencolin (which was basically the soundtrack to my 16 year old self).

My name is: Marthine Simonsen

I play in: The Last 24

We sound like: Attitude, energy and good times.

Inspired by: The awesome Haley Williams from Paramore and of course bands like Blink 182, Millencolin and Destine.

We reside in: Tønsberg, Norway

Our local music scene is: There’s great diversity, and some cool up and coming bands!

The most annoying thing about our scene is: The lack of a really good mid size venue.

Our best gig to date was: At a really cool little festival called Rockart, not far from our home town. The stage was located right by the beach, and the crowd was super loud. It was crazy!

The song that gets me dancing is: Still into you by Paramore.

First album I bought: Oh, that’s a tough one.. it’s been so many!

My musical youth involved: A lot of blues i guess. My dad always used to listen to Eric Clapton, Creedence, ZZ Top and so on.

Pop music is: Happy and fun music that makes you want to dance. Mix it up with some punk and some rock and you really got something cool going on.

If I could have written any song it would have to be: No One’s Gonna Love You – Band of Horses. Love that song!

Do you play Fifa? If not, do you have a favourite game? Nope, but the guys in the band play it a lot.

Favourite Restaurant: Kverneriet, a little burger joint in our home town. By far the best burger in Norway!

The thing I hate most about bloggers is: When they have to have an opinion about everything, especially if they clearly don’t know what they’re talking about.

My musical guilty pleasure is: Bruno Mars – for some reason he makes me happy!

The sporting team I follow is: Not really that into sports, but for some reasons there are some strong feelings for the Oklahoma City Thunder in the band.

If I weren’t a musician I would be: hmmm, a super hero!

The Last 24 Facebook
The Last 24 Soundcloud

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