Q&A with Hollow States

Hollow States

Hollow States from Sydney have released their debut single If I Have To Grow Up and lucky you, have made it available for you to download – here. Check out the Q&A and have a listen to the song below.

My name is: Huckleberry Hastings

I play in: Hollow States

We sound like: A lonely walk

Inspired by: I personally am inspired by the human condition…and mass existential crisis.

We reside in: Sydney

Our local music scene is: Pretty phenomenal. I think that it is pretty common for people to say that Sydney has a shit music scene, which is (in my opinion) completely untrue. Everywhere has amazing and creative acts…you just need to actively find them.

The most annoying thing about our scene is: I think too many artists treat each other as competitors as opposed to contemporaries. If we all bring each other up, and nourish each others creativity we will have a more affluent and artistic music scene.

Our best gig to date was: Slow Turismo single launch in Canberra. Slow Turismo are a wonderful bunch of Canberra lads, who play really intelligent music, and really seem to care about the show they are putting on…was an honour to play with such a great bunch of guys.

The song that gets me dancing is: Drunk in Love by Queen B

First album I bought: Aqua- Aquarium

My musical youth involved: When I was growing up my dad was always on tour with his band, so music was always a pretty big part of my life…I think I annoyed a lot of people singing the Pocahontas soundtrack on repeat.

Pop music is: Intelligent music written for the masses…an amazing pop song usually deals with concepts most people can relate to in some way.

If I could have written any song it would have to be: Good morning heartache- Billie Holliday

Do you play Fifa? If not, do you have a a favourite game? I’m rather fond of Tetris.

Favourite Restaurant: Bar Reggio…BYO Beer, Wine and SPIRITS. Boom.

The thing I hate most about bloggers is: I love bloggers. I’m an avid blogger.

My musical guilty pleasure is: I’m not that guilty about it…but I’m obsessed with Miley Cyrus. I think she is punk as hell.

Hollow States Facebook
Hollow States Twitter
Hollow States Instagram
Hollow States Soundcloud


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  1. […] talented Hollow States graced us by filling out our Q&A a few months ago. You can now stream the debut EP titled Darkness is Laughing over at Soundcloud. […]

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