Q&A with These New South Whales

Them New South Whales

Hey it’s another Q&A. I’m currently trying not to cough up a lung so I’m going to forgo my usual intro to the band. Just read it and then go check out their stuff, which should be easy as I’ve included one of their video clips.

My name is: The Work Horse

I play in: These New South Whales

We sound like: The Beastie Boys

Inspired by: Jim Carey

We reside in: Newy

Our local music scene is: Too fancy

The most annoying thing about our scene is: US

Our best gig to date was: Sharing the stage with The Bearded Pelvis, a great Aussie Elvis Impersonator/Bus Driver

The song that gets me dancing is: Butterflies by Michael Jackson (so sweet)

First album I bought: Whisperin’ Jack – John Farnham

My musical youth involved: Jerkin’ it to Nickelback

Pop music is: Not what it used to be

If I could have written any song it would have to be: Runaway by The Corrs

Do you play Fifa? If not, do you have a favourite game? Yeah I play Fifa

Favourite Restaurant: The Rosebery Hotel corner of Botany Rd and Epsom Rd.

The thing I hate most about bloggers is: Q and A’s with bands no one gives a fuck about.

My musical guilty pleasure is: jackin’ it to Nickelback

The sporting team I follow is: Newcastle Knights

If I weren’t a musician I would be: living up inside your Mum

These New South Whales Official
These New South Whales Facebook
These New South Whales Twitter

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