Doing the ol’ Hottest 100 of the past 20 years thing.

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Let me just jump on the Band Wagon here and place my contribution of my top 20 songs from the past two decades. Yes I did vote in the Hottest 100, literally just for the chance to win the competition. I found I didn’t care too much about voting for this one as it is really broad. But I’ve done it anyway, I powered through it. I underestimated how hard it actually was to narrow it down to twenty songs. There were definitely a few songs I wanted to add in, but for the sake of my dignity, I did not. I’ll reveal those songs and artists at the end of my list. I don’t really have too much of an order except for the top songs. Here we go…

#20: When I Grow Up – Garbage

#19: One – Yeasayer

#18: Little Lion Man – Mumford & Sons

#17: Sunday Morning – No Doubt

#16: Brimful of Asha – Cornershop

#15: Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley

#14: Hyper-Ballad – Bjork

#13: Radar Detector – Darwin Deez

#12: Naive – The Kooks

#11 Little Man – Little Dragon

#10 Last Night – The Strokes

#9 Pumped Up Kicks – Foster the People

#8 Glosoli – Sigur Ros

#7 Household Goods – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

#6 Lost – Frank Ocean

#5 Time to Pretend – MGMT

-I remember discovering MGMT back in ’07 on Myspace randomly. Good ol’ Myspace. It did take me a couple of listens to Time to Pretend to really appreciate it, but the intro is what got me curious about it. I couldn’t ignore it. Then I fell in love with the rest of their songs. I can’t say I like their sophomore album ‘Congratulations’ though :/, think they tried too hard there.

#4 Make Yourself – Incubus

-Oh Incubus. Nancy Magoo  introduced me to Brandon Boyd and Incubus. I don’t care what anyone says, I love them, and this song is so so good.

#3 Joy Division – The Wombats

-Good Lord I don’t think this song could get anymore great. So much energy in Joy Division, and it’s one you can’t really get too sick of. Bloody love The Wombats, they’re amazing live as well. They don’t disappoint. This is such a great song to sing along to as well. ❤

#2 Two Weeks – Grizzly Bear

-I will never get sick of listening to Grizzly Bear. This was hard because I really wanted to vote in ‘Little Brother’, it’s so ridiculously good, but I feel Two Weeks is a classic from Grizzly and I’ve listened to it that many times that it was obvious I had to vote it in.

#1 Angeles – Elliott Smith

-This song is by far my absolutely, no question about it, favourite song of all time.I was actually going to vote in a more popular song of Elliotts, but then i thought eff it, this is meant to be the top twenty of my favourite songs of all time, so ‘Angeles’ it was. Elliott is also my favourite artist. I never got the pleasure of seeing him live :(. I was only 14 when he passed away in 2003. Everytime I chuck this song on, I get swept away in it. I never lose the passion for this song. It’s beautiful, he’s beautiful, it was an easy pick as #1 for me.

Now, special mentions. These are songs that are my guilty pleasures I guess you could say. I cop a lot of shit for liking a certain song, but I actually can’t help it. It’s my weakness. There’s definitely no way I genuinely contemplated even putting them in the list. But I’m just going to be nostalgic here and post them.

‘Blue’ – Eiffel 65

-Yep, that’s right. I like Blue. I’ve learnt to deal with this. It may be a completely vomit bag of a song, but I get such joy whenever I hear it or sing it.

Also in my special (embarrassing) mentions are ‘Slam Dunk Da Funk’ by Five haha. God I really do love them. Also ‘I Want You’ by Savage Garden. I used to be completely obsessed with this song, I remember I’d pretend to DJ this song in my lounge room, on repeat for hours. May have also had a slight crush on Darren Hayes at that point, even though we all knew he was gay. Love that boy.

So there we go, I’ve risked my dignity by telling you I like Eiffel 65, but that’s ok. Now i’m going to cross my fingers that I miraculously win that sweet sweet prize of getting to see whatever gig I want ,wherever in the world I want.

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5 thoughts on “Doing the ol’ Hottest 100 of the past 20 years thing.

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  2. Nice choices….and no dignity lost. It’s all personal preference and choice, no one can tell you what’s wrong or right when it comes to music, or any art for that matter. I didn’t really appreciate Time to Pretend until I heard Paul Dempsey’s cover…which made it to my top 20 over the MGMT version. Both are great though!

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