Q&A With Greta Mob

Greta Mob

Hey Greta Mob filled out our Q&A form and you can check out their video for The Petite Bourgeois Blues as well. I’d write a more elaborate introduction but I’m drowning in a sea of uni deadlines, education is so over rated. Drop out and start a band for me please.

My name is: Rhyece O’Neill

I play in: Greta Mob
We sound like: The Deadly Hume
Inspired by: Lightnin’ Hopkins, Townes Van Zandt, Spencer P. Jones, PJ Harvey
We reside in: Newtown/Marrickville
Our local music scene is: largely shithouse.
*must not say anything about Sydney – Nancy
The most annoying thing about our scene is: shit hipster rich kid bands from slurry hills.
Our best gig to date was: Headlining the Tote Hotel in Melbourne. The People’s Pub.
The song that gets me dancing is: Paradox – Play Twice Before Listening (for me the aesthetic high point of UK drumfunk and drum & bass in general)
First album I bought: Lenny Kravitz – Are You Gonna Go My Way
My musical youth involved: playing in punk and crappy nu metal bands for drunk bogans in country Victoria
Pop music is: subjective
If I could have written any song it would have to be: Sunday Morning Coming Down – Kris Kristopherson
Do you play Fifa? No. I prefer a wank.
Favourite Restaurant: Ladda’s Newtown. It’s the best Thai in Newtown. But its the most shitty looking. It’s laden with fluro lights creepy and royalist garb, so as a result the SUV’s  and their snotty little kids stay away. Local knowledge. When I go to Europe to tour its the last meal I have and the first meal I have upon my return.
The thing I hate most about bloggers is: I don’t have any hatred towards bloggers per se. But how fucking useless is Tumblr as a web tool? What a joke. It’s so restrictive. WordPress all the way, open source for the people.
My musical Guilty Pleasure is: Daft Punk. Homework was the album that got me into electronic music. I’ve been producing ever since. I know they are naff but man what an album.
The sporting team I follow is: South Melbourne/Sydney Swans. Rumbalara (Yorta Yorta Mob Footbal Club)
If I weren’t a musician I would be: I’m not a musician. I’m in theatre.

“The Petite Bourgeois Blues” is available now as a pay-what-you-want (free) download from www.gretamob.bandcamp.com

Greta Mob Official
Greta Mob Facebook
Greta Mob Twitter
Greta Mob YouTube



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