Ch-Ch-Chet Faker and a guy named Flume

Chet Faker

As I entered the packed out venue of Festival Hall for the all ages gig, first thing I noticed is that it looked like a school excursion minus the teachers. About one hundred 15-17 year olds were all sitting on the ground near the stage like they were waiting to hear instructions from their teachers. I’ll admit, I hated that aspect of the gig. Definitely prefer over 18 gigs to all ages. I forgot how annoying teenagers can be sometimes.

Nicholas Murphy, aka Chet Faker approached the stage as the roar from the crowd was overwhelming, probably cheering for his beard more than anything. You could see that beastly beard all the way from the back of the venue. One of the most impressive beards I’ve ever seen. Also probably the size of my head. 

It came as no surprised, Chet Fakers performance was outstanding, definitely the highlight of the night for me. His vocals were immaculate, his disposition towards the audience was good, and just overall sounded amazing.

I would tell you what song he started the set off with, however I was accidentally downstairs having a beer when he started his set. Oops!

He played all his songs, including my favourite ‘I’m into you’ and the favoured cover of ‘No Diggity’ by Blackstreet, which everyone went wild for! It really was a great set.

Man, after Chet left and Flume came on, the crowd went absolutely nuts! The atmosphere was pretty great at that point. Even if it was 90% 12 year olds.

Flume was pretty impressive, although for me personally, he’s not the type I usually go to gigs for. Unless I were high, I never know what to do as there’s not too much to actually watch. However, I did love listening to his tunes and the lightshow and projector images were hypnotic.’Holding On’ was the big song of the night for Flume. The singing and extreme excitement from people around me was overwhelming.  There wasn’t a dull moment really.

He did play 1 or 2 new songs, which also had the audience captured. He seemed like he was having a pretty good time as well.


Flume had finished and of course everyone was roaring for an encore. Keeping us in suspense, Flume comes out…along with Chet, and they do a couple of songs together. The vocals were slightly hard to hear from Chet Faker, it was still amazingly enjoyable though.

I think I’ll stick to 18+ gigs if I can help it from now on, but I really did have a great night seeing these guys. If you ever get the chance to see either one, I’d say jump on it!

If you’re not familiar with Chet Faker, have a peep on his site and check out his stuff here. Really good music to chill out to!

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