So Today I Watched The Grammy Awards

I’m a sucker for award shows and therefore I’ll sit through all of them, even when they go for a hundred million hours. Instead of going through all the winners, here are my highlights and lowlights along with some of my tweets (like I did for the ARIA awards).

Frank Ocean Grammys

Spoiler alert – Frank Ocean was perfect, as usual.

Image from FREDERIC J. BROWN / Getty Images via Buzzfeed


Frank Ocean won for Best Urban Contemporary Album for Channel Orange and beat Chris Brown as my over enthused tweet displays. His pathetic attempt at applause was also hilarious. What a child.

GIFs via Buzzfeed

Speaking of that douchebag, his girlfriend Rihanna performed.  was underwhelming to say the least, the vocals, the songs.. I don’t get it. Do any of you genuinely enjoy her music?


Bruno Mars, Damian Marley, Ziggy Marley, Rihanna and Sting did this Bob Marley tribute. That was kind of cool I guess, but it’s Bob Marley, you can’t really go wrong, especially when two of his kids are there.

I made “astute” observations.


If you haven’t seen Ky-Mani Marley in the movie Shottas. DO IT!

Gotye and Kimbra won and of course they were adorable as always, acting gracious and giddy to be accepting the Record of the Year Grammy from one of their idols, Prince.

Gotye GrammyImage via The Age

Some other stuff happened. That band fun. are still terrible and using redundant punctuation in their band name. People on twitter didn’t know the difference between country and indie folk music, and weren’t fans of Elton John “ruining” an Ed Sheeran song. There was a little tribute thrown in for Adam Yauch (MCA) at the last performance and when he flashed up in the montage of artists that have passed I nearly cried (as per usual).

Anyways, this is was my highlight but really… no medley from Frank Ocean but I had to listen to Rihanna sing twice?! Get it together organisers.

You are perfect.

via AfterElton

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2 thoughts on “So Today I Watched The Grammy Awards

  1. Chris says:

    So glad to see Frankie boy and Gotye winning and injecting the Grammy’s with some sort of relevance – generally they represent a totally different planet to the one that music lovers inhabit.

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