I Love: Amy Poehler

So I thought I’d write about people I love in a new series of posts and who better to start with than Amy Poehler. Instead of banging on about her background history and in-depth reasons as to why I love her, I’ve just picked out things I’ve seen that inspire that love.

Leslie Knope

One of my all time favourite televisions characters. Leslie Knope is strong, has a social conscience, is hilarious, cares deeply about her friends (especially Ann), idolises people such as Senator Barbara Boxer, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Senator Olympia Snowe, and her ideal man is Joe Biden. I found that in the first season on Parks & Rec she was pretty unlikable but as they tweaked the characters and style so she became more affable. Knope/Wyatt 2020

Ask Amy

I wish I had these videos in my formative years.

Was in the best couple ever

Even on screen

This commencement speech


One of the best cast members of all time. It’s near impossible to find a good SNL clip on YouTube and NBC doesn’t let you watch their clips in Australia so you should all go and download The Best of Amy Poehler right now.

These photoshop suggestions she made

She does stuff like this at awards shows

Her friendship with Tina Fey

I want them to be my best friends

Skip to 4:48 for Amy & Tina

I love you!


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