Reaping the Harvest

It’s not often that a festival comes along with a first announcement that just blows you away – but as I write that sentence I realise it’s all relative anyway and a matter of opinion but I couldn’t help feeling that way when I saw the amazing lineup for Harvest Festival 2012

Other festival announcements often leave me thinking that I’ll just ‘wait for the second announcement’, despite the fact I go out and buy my ticket anyway. The fact that a festival in only its second year was able to pull together a first announcement as strong as this is an even greater testament to what must fast be becoming one of our best. (Don’t ask me personally, I haven’t been yet).

Last year saw them pull The Flaming Lips and Portishead, two bands that I personally don’t give much of a crap about (not that you needed to know) but this was still an indication that these guys were going to be trying for acts of stature, and that’s why this 2012 lineup fills me with much excitement.

At the top of the lineup comes the proficient abilities of Beck, and really, who needs to go into too many details there?

The acts that I’m personally most excited about include the return of Mike Patton’s Mondo Cane, who I had the pleasure of catching at the start of the year as part of the Sydney festival and he was truly brilliant and enchanting, a live performance you don’t want to miss. It might not be typical Patton as many people have come to know but the best thing about the gig in January was that it brought people from all walks of life – metalheads, stoners, old people who enjoy classical music – together under the one roof to enjoy a wonderful evening that brought everyone a bit closer to God.

The act that brings the most excitement to my loins is Beirut, I’ve been a large fan for years and have missed them previously when they’ve come out. Its all the brainchild of Zach Condon who started using a variety of obscure instruments in his room years ago to record ‘The Gulag Orkestar’ by himself. While still writing, he now tours the world with an ensemble bringing the songs to life and come hell or high water there is no way I’ll be missing out when they take the stage.

The inclusion of acts like Santigold and the return of Ben’s Fold Five as well as the Dandy Warhols show that the people at Harvest really aren’t messing about. The most exciting thing about it all is the fact that this has merely been the first announcement, and surely most people know that while it covers alot of the good stuff, there should still be more to come in the future. With a ticket price of $165, it puts it on par with the likes of BDO and other, well established institutions of the Australian festival scene, whose prices and increases are often bemoaned every year. That being said there is little doubting the quality of the lineup.

The lineup as it stands so far…

Beck//Mike Patton’s Mondo Cane//Sigur Ros//Grizzly Bear//Ben Folds Five//Beirut//Santigold//Cake//The Dandy Warhols//The Black Angels//Chromatics//Ozomatli//Liars//Fuck Buttons//The War on Drugs//Dark Dark Dark

The events themselves will be taking place on/at:

November 11 – Melbourne – Werribee Park
November 17 – Sydney – Parramatta Park
November 18 – Brisbane – Botanic Gardens

For all the other info you could possibly need head on over to the official Harvest Festival Website, and you can purchase your tickets right  HERE!


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One thought on “Reaping the Harvest

  1. Chris says:

    Incredible line up of bands. Sigur Ros and War on Drugs are acts I’m keen to see (aside from the fantastic acts you have already mentioned). It’s great to see such world-class music come to Parramatta too (a city which will become much cooler over the next 5 years I guarantee, and that isn’t me being biased).

    I must admit I’ve baulked at the price, but that’s showing how long its been since I’ve considered paying to attend a music festival.

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