Surfin’ Safari

The Beach Boys are back and there’s a video series of them giving you a listen of tracks from the new album and then they mention a band like The Shins or Foster The People and throw to a clip of the aforementioned artist. It’s really quite strange. It’s like someone from the label went to a retirement home and told the adorable old men that they had to talk about these hip new bands so they could try and get a new generation of fans and they’re all like “Fuck you, we wrote Pet Sounds!”

Anyways, if you want to check it out you can see the whole playlist here at: ‘The Beach Boys Talk: That’s Why God Made The Radio’

Read more to check out my favourite Beach Boys clips.

Surfin’ USA – I have the balance of a deaf new born giraffe but this does make me want to go surfin. Surfin’ USA. No other countries.

Katy Perrys California Girls shouldn’t have even been made when there’s this piece of pop perfection around.

If I’m ever in love, I’ll play this I’ll hold onto his hands and we’ll spin around in a circle. See, I can be non cynical sometimes.

Kokomo is pure cheesy perfection. Apparently there is a county in Indiana, USA called Kokomo but it’s nowhere near a beach and I’m pretty sure John Stamos isn’t there waiting to help out on percussion.

Some of my friends at high school used to sing this to me. They were completely joking…


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One thought on “Surfin’ Safari

  1. Javid van der Piepers says:

    who knows. maybe having good production values on the new album will actually kill them. either way I’ll be buying the album at some stage I’m sure.

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