Q&A with Howling Rabbits for Eight Miles High

Hey kids. There’s an upcoming tour called Eight Miles High cruising down the east coast and the organisers are saying that it’s “based around our love of psychedelic/shoegaze music mixed in with a bit of garage and 60’s pop.” First show is this Friday in Brisbane, so if you don’t have plans, get on it. If you’re in Sydney or Melbourne, well then you just have more time to plan. One of the bands that will be playing are Howling Rabbits who have been nice enough to do our Q&A. Tour dates and the Q&A below.

My name is: Steven Appleton

I play in: Howling Rabbits

We sound like: Ennio Morricone playing Doors’ covers to an incense-filled opium den with velvet sandpaper walls.

Inspired by: The Bad Seeds, Portishead, A Place to Bury Strangers, The Raveonettes, Joy Division, The Horrors, Morphine, Calla. I’m sure there’s an 80’s goth that looks like Sean Penn from that movie living inside of me trying to get out.

We reside in: Brisbane

Our local music scene is: Pretty cool. If you can find the bands you dig.

The most annoying thing about our scene is: The ever-closing good venues….and trying to fit our band on tiny stages.

Our best gig to date was: Supporting Drawn from Bees at Woodland earlier this year. Great venue, great bands, great crowd….what more could you want?

The song that gets me dancing is: Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man by Grinderman.

First album I bought: The Downward Spiral. NIN.

My musical youth involved: Django Reinhardt, Dizzy Gillespie, Kenny Rogers and Johnny Cash. That’s what you get with a Beatnik father and a Country lovin’ mother.

Pop music is: Great when it’s good.

If I could have written any song it would have to be: Pyramid Song by Radiohead. That’s one beautifully eerie tune.

Do you play Fifa? Sadly, no… I don’t even own a console. But the other guys in the band are super-huge fans of it. Fifa party anyone?!

Favourite Restaurant: Any of the ones with Pizza, pancakes or beer…or all three!

The thing I hate most about bloggers is: The thing I hate most about bloggers is that I don’t get to read enough of them; especially the ones that like to rant. That stuff is great!

My musical guilty pleasure is: The B52s. Nothing like a beehive, a pith helmet and a planet named Claire.

The sporting team I follow is: The Australia Test Cricket Team. Don’t really follow it too closely, but use them more as an excuse to laze around the house in the summer heat.

If I weren’t a musician I would be: Probably a terrible B-grade novelist. Getting to just live life, make trouble and embellish the truth – then try and put it in a book.

Howling Rabbits Official
Howling Rabbits Facebook
Howling Rabbits Twitter
Howling Rabbits Soundcloud 


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