Procrastination is my middle name

Well I haven’t posted for a while, so I thought I’d show you what I’ve been watching this week when I’ve supposed to be finishing my final essay for my New Media subject. I guess YouTube is a type of New Media so I’ll just put it down to research.

1. Kids/Teens React:

I’ve been watching these series from The Fine Bros for a while. Basically they show memes, YouTube stars and viral videos to teens or kids and they react to it, y’know, like the title of the shows. Here are two of my favourites.

2. Goths On OK Cupid

I love single topic blogs. I love bad dating profiles. I think goths are funny. Mix them all together and you have my new favourite tumblr for the week which you can find – here

“The most private thing I’m willing to admit I don’t generally worry about the whole “Too Much Information” thing. Also, I’m not circumcised.”

3. The Phillip DeFranco Show & SourceFed

Initially The Phillip DeFranco Show annoyed me, I mean this guy talks fast and really exaggerated. Then I realised I talked like that, so I was probably just jealous. Philly D also introduced a new show called SourceFed with Elliott Morgan, Lee Newton and Joe Bereta and I initally didn’t like that either, but both have grown on me so much that I watch their shows every weekday. It’s a mix of pop culture, news and current issues…but concise and not boring.

4. Beastie Boys Talk XLarge & Streetwear Style

I found this clip over at Acclaim Magazines (revamped) website. Since the untimely passing of MCA, I can’t get enough of these old Beastie Boys clips.

5. Joe Wong

I think this was at the most recent Correspondence Dinner but I’m not quite sure. I love this guy. Well I’ve only ever seen him once before on his television debut on Letterman, but there’s something so sweet about this guy. Plus everyone loves a guy that can make fun of him self.


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