Q&A with Store Bought Cool

Sorry for my absence but you know, Uni and work and life and all that. This time for our Q&A we have Dave from Store Bought Cool, a five piece from the inner north in Melbourne and use a mish-mash of genres to create some great tunes. If you want to check out their new single, Doing Fine, you can head over here to check it out. You can also attend the launch of Doing Fine on Friday the 27th of April at The Grace Darling, with support from The Clits, Peter Dickybird, and Wilding.

My name is:  Dave Dreimann

I play in: Store Bought Cool

We sound like: The stuff that dreams are made of, so umm Jungian archetypes, sex, electricity, too much doona cover on a hot night, cheese, movies and waking memories of former lovers. Oh and brain juices.
Inspired by:  Conflict, longing, and well crafted story arcs in high budget television serials.
We reside in: Melbourne
Our local music scene is: still incredibly under appreciated.  Studies have noted the positive effect live music has on well being of those who attend gigs, and the positive effect on local economy; its about time Government started treating contemporary music as the asset it is instead of clinging to misguided arcane notion that rock and roll is the devil. Considering how much tax is collected every time you buy a drink at a gig and how many people actually go to gigs compared to say opera, not to mention the potential markets for bands playing new original music compared to say people singing cover versions of songs that are hundreds of years old, it would be nice to see venues that support gigs be entitled to the same level of funding and tax exempt donations that many opera companies receive.
The most annoying thing about our scene is:  The wasted potential. There is so much talent here. With the right attitude and policy from Federal, State and local Government Melbourne could be for music what Los Angles is for movies.

Our best gig to date was: At short lived Collingwood venue – The Donkey Room, with The Clits, Wizard Oz, The Sheriffs, and an awesome crowd.  There was one point in the night that the floor looked like a bouncy castle from people jumping.  Supporting Francolin at the Evelyn is a close second, those guys are great.

The song that gets me dancing is: Sexy and I Know it, LMFAO
First album I bought: A bootleg cassette of a Rick Astley Album from the Queen Victoria Market
My musical youth involved:  Learning how to play Pearl Jam songs on bass, going to music festivals like Summersault, listening to Beck, TISM, Grinspoon, Spiderbait, Ammonia, The Fauves, John Spencer, Violent Femmes, Custard, Machine Gun Fellatio, Powderfinger, Regurgitator, You am I, making mix tapes, and an embarrassing raver period. It was the 90s.
Pop music is: The Boost Juice of the music industry, it’s mostly pretentious brightly coloured sugary crap but some times that’s what you feel like, and it it gets people interested in juice who otherwise might have just been drinking soft drinks and they start exploring and discover the local turkish grocer that makes awesome fresh juices of a whole other kind then that’s got to be a good thing right?
If I could have written any song it would have to be: Do I have to pick just one? I guess –  Is That All There Is? by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller wrote so many amazing songs. Special mentions to I Put a Spell on You, by Screamin Jay Hawkins and Let’s Face The Music and Dance, Irving Berlin.
Do you play Fifa? Not as much as I would like to.
Favourite Restaurants: Fina’s Vegetarian Cafe Richmond, Trippy Taco, and Yong Green Food
The thing I hate most about bloggers is:  I have a love/hate relationship with post feminist snark
My musical guilty pleasure is: I still think All The Things She Said by Tatu is a pretty wicked tune.
The sporting team I follow is: Hawthorn (AFL). While I don’t actively follow EPL I’m really hoping Newcastle qualify for Champions League.
*YAYYYYYY! Finally! Go Hawks! – Nancy
If I weren’t a musician I would be: A dinosaur.
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