This week I also…

Went to go see Title Fight with my lovely friend Ash. Ended up bumping into my old housemate Kit and the gorgeous Kirby. Yeahhh! Because I’m too lazy to tell you about them, here’s Wikipedia to the rescue.

“Title Fight is an American pop punk/hardcore band from Kingston, Pennsylvania, United States, formed in 2003. Title Fight plays music in the vein of Jawbreaker, Kid Dynamite and Lifetime, taking influence from such pop punk acts as Saves the Day and emo bands Knapsack and Seaweed.”

Oh and here’s them playing at the place I saw them, The Underworld in Camden Town, you can sort of see the outline of my head. I got out of the centre of the pit pretty quickly and moved to the edge of it AND I only got kicked in the head once and elbowed in the head once. Result!

and here’s my favourite so far.


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One thought on “This week I also…

  1. Picco says:

    Love that… why bother when Wikipedia can do it for you. If it works for university assignments why not use it for blogging.

    You’re a thinker :)!

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