Decent Crowded House Cover

Alexander Gow & more so Paul Dempsey are two of my favourite Australian vocalists. While I’m an Oh Mercy fan, it’s difficult to share any Oh Mercy with my friends and leave them spellbound. However seeing the humble and bumble way Gow interacts with the crowd, his live performance is where you see his brilliance in full. Honestly I don’t think Gow realises just what a talent he is as opposed to some artists like Ernest Ellis who seems to perform in waiting for the applause and accolades he so richy deserves (bullshit).

Paul Dempsey on the other hand is pure songwriting royalty. The richness in his raspy tones is incredibly original and the feeling he generates in his music is something else all together. By chance I checked this track which fell into my inbox and while I’m not really an accurate judge as I hadn’t heard the original of “Kare Kare” but it certainly showcases the talents of these two vocalists (more so Dempsey).

We’ve been burnt by some horrific Crowded House covers in the past (99% of the covers I’ve heard) but I think this does the Finn harmonising and music founded in guitar interplay justice.

2 thoughts on “Decent Crowded House Cover

  1. Javid van der Piepers says:

    Paul Dempsey has, like your Rob Thomas and other artists, got a voice thats instantly identifiable. unlike Rob Thomas and other artists, this does not make him shit. While I’ll admit I was never a rabid SFK fan you have to recognise his songwriting genius and soulful voice. Even better live

  2. Picco says:

    You nailed my sentiments exactly!

    Dempsey’s work either solo or in SFK is brilliant in my eyes, while I don’t see his work as something I could sell to everybody, I think less of people who cannot atleast acknowledge the quality that’s there.

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