New Music: Love Migrate

This is hands down my favourite Aussie track of the year. Love Migrate have released the track “Little Kid” has the obligatory bouncy, catchy trimmings and throws in the “shoop shoop da woop” bits where it counts but what sets it apart is the quality of the vocal and the sparse intro that sets the ground work for everything more ethereal that is to come. Fear not, this is not some Last Dinosaurs track that has been devised to entice, hypnotize and leave you with a hallow shell of someone who thought they liked good music.

I just love it and I love that it doesn’t take more than a few listens to appreciate it. This is not some Animal Collective Pitchfork #1 that if you dare not get it, you’re an outcast.

Between the discovery of Love Migrate and Expatriate, I’m starting to be buoyed by what I thought would prove to be a mediocre year for Australian music if your name wasn’t Goyte. #Needtolookharder

Download the track off their Triple J Unearthed Page.


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