Finding Salvation

Consider yourself lucky if your family didn’t go through the religious viewing of Home and Away at some point during your life. Spare a thought for the unlucky ones like me whose family have Home & Away installed in the 7pm slot to the exclusion of anything else in life. Even during the State of Origin coverage, it gets a run in the commercial breaks.

However after making ABC1’s new drama Crownies my very own piece of religious viewing, I have faith that not all H&A alumni go down the route of being unemployed and marrying a talentless hack who spends more time in the hospital than the tennis court.

Crownies is a show about Crown Prosecutors (hence the name) who alongside their clever brains is a total mixed bag of personal lives and personalities which overlap and overflow their professional lives brilliantly. As with any sizable cast, it’s the myriad of difference relationships between characters which keeps the show interesting.

Crownies features superb performances from two of my most hated H&A cast members, Todd Lasance & Indiana Evans. While Lasance who plays Ben merely reprises his typical good hearted yet tough bad boy with a soft side and a trouble past, just trying to reconcile the demons with his father, Evans on the other hand takes on a role that has substantially more depth and complexity than anything she’d attempted on H&A… her character has to display intelligence. Evans plays a central role to Crownies and her impressive acting skills can be confronting at first.

Alongside the swag of fellow H&A castaways is one outstanding performance from Hamish Michael. Undoubtedly the most complex and interesting character on the show who to the best of my knowledge has not been poisoned by the H&A chalice. His character Richard lives with Evans’ character Tatum but has to pose as a gay man so as to not come under the untrusting ere of Tatum’s brutish boyfriend, Conrad. Just last week we saw that facade come crashing down.

The series doesn’t have much longer to run but I’m sure you’ll be able to grab the DVD in time for Christmas. Below I’ve added a clip from the first episode of Crownies that I saw. In the performances you don’t see an overuse of the CSI confessionals but the simplicity of it all allows for the extensive cast to work.

Catch Crownies Thursdays 9.25pm on ABC1 or head over and catch up on iView.

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