If you are a Sydneysider, you may have seen the advertisements around town for the K-Pop Music Fest happening this weekend at ANZ Stadium. Many of you will be scratching your heads, thinking what on earth is the K-Pop Music Fest? No it has nothing to do with a certain former Prime Minister with knives still protruding from his back – its a celebration of all things Korean pop!

K-Pop is the non-western music genre du jour, and is seemingly all over the interweb, your television sets (SBS’s PopAsia on Sunday mornings is one such example) and even indie-music uber-snobs Pitchfork are on the bandwagon.

In a nutshell, K-Pop is all about girl bands, boy bands, crazy costumes, catchy choruses, over-produced vocals and expensive-looking music videos. Somehow, in only a short space of time listening to K-Pop, I already have some favourite K-Pop tunes…so here they are!

SNSD/Girl’s Generation – Run Devil Run

This is as good as pop music gets. SNSD (or Girls Generation, pictured) are the poster girls of the K-Pop revolution. Girls with sugary voices, cute faces and synchronized dance moves is the formula, and it works. The “Run, run, run” hook wakes me up at night – I cannot get this out of my head. This song is perfect.

HyunA – Bubble Pop

OK lads – pick your chins up off the ground. Not only is HyunA gorgeous, this song proves that the girl brings something else to the Kimchi bowl. “Bubble Pop” is the perfect term to sum this song up (and K-Pop generally) – it is fun, light-hearted and even includes a bizarre dubstep breakdown towards the end. Don’t deny it, you love this song.

B2ST – Shock

Boy do these guys ramp the cheese factor to 11. Bad hip-hop verses and horrible dance moves are all forgiven by that irresistible chorus which resembles what Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull would sound like if they made music together (oh wait…). Just a heap of fun.

4 MINUTE – I My Me Mine

More HyunA, but this time its with her girl group 4MINUTE. Like SNSD, these girls love a good synchronized dance move, but in this track they come across less bubblegum and more bad ass. Again, another killer chorus just adds cherry on top of this tasty Korean ice-cream.

The K-Pop Music Fest will be a fantastic music festival. Heaps of great pop music that doesn’t take itself too seriously.  SNSD,B2ST and 4MINUTE will be there, so check them out if you are at ANZ Stadium on Saturday night!

K-Pop Music Festival is at ANZ Stadium on 12 November. For more info go to http://www.kpopmusicfest.com.au/

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3 thoughts on “K-Poptastic!

  1. Picco says:

    I friken looooove bubble bubble pop pop!!!

  2. Chris says:

    I went to a Korean restaurant on Saturday night and they were playing “Bubble Pop” on the TVs around the restaurant. For the 3 and a half glorious minutes that the video was playing my dinner party must have thought I was catatonic. Love that video.

  3. Nancy Magoo says:

    Haha they used to play non stop K-Pop at the Korean restaurant next to my old work.

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