Q&A with Synamatix

He’s one of the founders of the popular street lifestyle website The Daily Street, runs his own label, Deadplate Records, and DJ’s regularly around the place. I started listening to Synamatix a while back now, when I lived in Mebourne and by some strange string of events, I now reside with him here in London. I’m seriously not a stalker.

My name is: Alex Synamatix.

I sound like: Something between House, UK Garage, UK Funky and Techno?

Inspired by: Good music, my mood, coffee, movies, life. I’m inspired by a lot of things and a lot of people. Probably not the kind of people you’d expect; a lot of businessmen, authors, musicians, actors. People with a passionate motivation to succeed and do something different.

I reside in: London.

My local music scene is: London, it’s a pretty huge music scene, one of the top music scenes in the world. It’s a privilege to hear such good music and DJs so regularly and before most people know about it.

The most annoying thing about my scene is: There’s almost too much good stuff going on. You get lazy, thinking like “There’ll be plenty other opportunities to see them soon.” That’s not really a negative though. Can’t think of a solid annoying thing.

My best gig to date was: When I played in Newcastle at a place called The Cut. That crowd was going some, and I was dropping some tunes that there was no way they could know ‘cos I’d only just got them myself direct from the producers. Yeah, they went hard. It got to a point about half way through my set where I was rolling out some classic Grime tunes and shit went crazy; a massive fight broke out and I had to wheel up the music. Straight away I was like “Calm down, no more Grime for you lot, now you’re getting Deep House.” That was a jokes night.

The song that gets me dancing is: Jodeci – Freek n You (MK Dub)

First album I bought: I have no idea. Probably something like Backstreet Boys.

My musical youth involved: A lot of Nu Metal, American Indie, Emo (before it was pop), Post-Hardcore, Post-Rock, Punk Rock and Math Rock. I was in a lot of bands when I was younger, either playing drums or guitar. I also spent a lot of my late teens DJing Drum & Bass and Hip-Hop … since I was 15 basically. I haven’t let go of any of that music really. People always seem really shocked when they find out I like Post-Rock or Hardcore or something, as if they thought I’d listened to dance music since I was 5. I did have a secret love for classic Trance when I was younger though.

Pop music is: An industry. I find Pop really interesting, how it became it’s own genre rather than an abbreviation for Popular Music. Currently, I’m patiently awaiting the end of the X Factor reign. I think it’s starting to wind down now. I’m not too up to date on pop ‘cos I don’t really listen to the radio.

If I could have written any song it would have to be: Goldie – Mother. That song is fucking crazy. The amount of energy and emotion in that track is insane. Goldie was a nuts song writer back in the day – the original is over an hour long and he had a nervous breakdown after he finished it. Inspiring.

Do you play Fifa? I did when I was younger, but not much.

Favourite Restaurant: Tough one. Probably Ping Pong.

The thing I hate most about bloggers is: When they have an ego like they’re big shots. A little modesty never goes a miss. That and when people re-blog other people’s content and don’t credit. There’s nothing wrong with reflagging, but you need to have a bit of humility in it, it’s just how it’s done. There’s probably a long list I could go on about all day haha.

My musical guilty pleasure is: I would say Jazz, but I’m not guilty about that. R&B?

The sporting team I follow is: I don’t really follow sports, but if I am, it’s usually England playing something.

If I weren’t a musician I would be: A fashion blogger… or an artist, but probably a very average one. It was always gonna be music or art for me when I was younger.














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