Act Your Age

I still haven’t made my mind up about Bluejuice. I loved “Vitriol” so much I overdosed on it and now cannot stand it. I have as many friends with respected opinions who love them as I do those that hate them. I do know there are far worse crimes against humanity than Bluejuice and I’m bouyed by the fact they don’t take themselves too seriously. Yeah I’m looking at you Eskimoe Joe, go play a concert on a landmine. Despite initially thinking I should start singing “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” only to realise it’s Bluejuice with “Act Yr Age”, this pulsing little Darkness inspired tale of love that shouldn’t be is quite enjoyable.

Make sure you watch right until the end Fap fans…

Bit of behind the scene footage for the more keen fap fan.

One thought on “Act Your Age

  1. Javid van der Piepers says:

    this clip could only be bettered if it was Betty White doing the makeout scene with Jake

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