Cast your memory back to 2006. Like I mean really take your mind back to that year and think about how much you’ve changed. I was in my second year of university, well on my way to being a psychologist who gets paid $172 an hour and lives the high life after a poultry 3 year “Social Science” degree. Attending the Big Day Out was non negotiable and I’d be partying usually in the city once or twice a fortnight. Rugby league was the only genuine sport that existed and everything else was a poof sport. Van She were destined to rule to universe and Spank Rock were the ill-est.

I owe a lot of  my early blogger musical tastes to the unclean tales of Backyard Betty and for that reason it was hard for me to do what I’m about to…Moving onto the present, I’m a school teacher, I despise clubs let alone large congregations of people particularly shitty festivals (excluding the school playground), I enjoy many sports one of being rugby league and I have a healthy appreciation for many sports.  We all now know Van She are shit.

A lot happens in 5 (nearly 6) years and it seems Spank Rock have spent that time learning absolutely nothing. I wanted to love Everything Is Boring & Everyone Is A F–cking Liar (2011), I’ve spent the past week listening to it non stop searching for any redeeming qualities.   There is no progression, a distinct lack of filthy backyard betty inspired beats and MC Spank Rock fades into the background like someone guest starring on a David Guetta track. Music like this doesn’t have a place in the Odd Future present day.

Most interesting is Track 8 “Race Riot”. MC Spank Rock gives the biggest hint that this complete stinker may have been deliberate. His grapple with the hold Spank Rock has put on his life and perhaps churning out mediocrity is his ingenious play for freedom from his stardom. Juwan proclaims he can make you famous but I think he’s going to happily struggle keeping himself famous.

If he was looking for a get out clause, mission accomplished.


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