Q&A with Broni

Even with the website change, I thought I’d still keep around our Q&A section that started on whiteboydancefloor. This time you’ll get to know pop/folk singer, Broni. There’s also a free download available!

My name is: Broni

I play in: My Bedroom… and ya know… venues.

I sound like: A Folk/Pop singer/songwriter/fun-haver who is the love child of Damian Rice and Conor Oberst and I grew up to write hopeful songs.

Inspired by: Life

I reside in: Melbourne, Australia

My local music scene is: Diverse, friendly, and attractive.

The most annoying thing about our scene is: The lack of people leaving their house for music.

My best gig to date was: That’s tough. I love them all for different reasons so the most recent is usually the funnest memory. However I guess my album launch in Feb this year was my biggest triumph so far, and a lot of fun.

The song that gets me dancing is: Comeback Kid – by Brett Dennen

First album I bought: The Lion King soundtrack. YEH! But I did once take the Cassette tape of John Farhams ‘Whispering Jack’ in the bath, because I loved it so much. However it was my dad’s, Lion King was MINE!

My musical youth involved: Swapping Tazos, water fights, a lot of basketball, and forming the band ‘Toilet Water’ at age 10 with my best friend and singer, 8 year old Chris Williams. We had hits. ‘Ugly Face’ was easily our best song.

Pop music is: Easy to digest, hence, popular.

If I could have written any song it would have to be: Ooo easy. Absolutely Zero by Jason Mraz

Do you play Fifa? Haha the video game? I have. the Nintendo 64 version was my jam.

Favourite Restaurant: Rococo in St. Kilda. Delicious Gnocchi

The thing I hate most about bloggers is: Nothing. I commend people for finding an audience for their thoughts. I think blogging is super.

My Musical Guilty Pleasure is: The Lion King sound track. Haha.

The sporting team I follow is: Oh man. I guess I pay most attention to the Melbourne Demons in the AFL… but I hardly care. I use to care a lot, but no more. Or the Chicago Bulls. Both of these carry over from my youth and hanging out with the aforementioned Chris Williams.

If I weren’t a musician I would be: Probably operating a crane, because those things fascinate me. You never see them go up.



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