Bye Channel [V]

Channel V

As a 16 year old, I regularly frequented the Channel V chat room where I would spend hours after school playing music trivia. It was probably had a direct impact on my high school education, but hey, I got really good at music trivia and that’s going to get me far in life….right?

As you are probably well aware of now, Channel V has decided to shut up shop. While I haven’t really watched in the last 10 years because I find most new chart music unbearable, I was an avid fan in my high school days. I’ve had an everlasting crush on Yumi Stynes, and they had some other great hosts and great programming.

Here are some of my favourite things that came from the channel.

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Q&A with Lisa De Angelis

Lisa De Angelis

The lovely Lisa De Angelis was kind enough to fill out our Q&A form. It has been quite a while between posts, so what better than to come back with a track from a debut EP (Camelot Americana), entitled Stella, I’m Bleeding which you can download for free via Lisa’s Soundcloud or Unearthed pages. So have a listen to Lisa’s sultry breathy vocals and read her excellent answers.

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Sleater-Kinney Aus Dates


The talented ladies of Sleater-Kinney will be in Australia performing at Golden Plains, and if you can’t get to that, they’ll also be playing dates in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. Everyone needs some 90’s riot grrrl music in their lives, so have a listen to the alt ladies that I love in play list form.

Sleater-Kinney Australian Tour Dates

Tickets at

Triffid | BRISBANE | Sat Mar 5 – ON SALE TODAY
Tickets at

Sydney Opera House | SYDNEY | Sun Mar 6 – ON SALE FRIDAY
Tickets at

The Croxton | MELBOURNE | Wed March 9 – SOLD OUT

The Croxton | MELBOURNE | Thu March 10 – ON SALE NOW
Tickets at


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Can You Hear Me Talking At You?

ManorHave a look at this video from Melbourne duo, Manor, of their lovely debut track Can You Hear Me Talking At You. The dreamy tune is elevated with the 1960’s super 8 footage of surfers.

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They’ve come a long way baby.


A long long time ago (March 2011) I was listening to a pretty awesome EP called Less Arty More Party, by The Belligerents and they even filled out our Q&A for us. Over four years later, and bleary eyed looking at my Twitter timeline, I kept seeing that they’d been on Triple J’s Like A Version, and as a cover song snob, I was worried. But of course I had nothing to worry about, they killed it. Have a listen to their cover of Fatboy Slim’s, Praise You. Also, that bass line (and bass player) ❤





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Din Deafening

JP KlipspringerAll the way back in 2014, we had the pleasure of introducing JP Klipspringer‘s debut single, Bury Me, and he also filled out our Q&A for us. This time it’s the debut EP entitled Din Deafening. If you’d like to have a listen, you can over at the SoundCloud page or click on the player below. If I was good at keeping up with my emails, I could have told you about the launch at the start of June, but I’m sure if you like the Facebook page, you can stay updated – JP Klipspringer Facebook

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Saying Things You Didn’t Say: Why You Should Stop It

If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s when someone says something that they didn’t say. And when what that person didn’t say forces the government to call a press conference to defend itself against the horrible accusations that weren’t made, I am just livid. So you can only imagine how freaking ropable I was last week when I heard that the President of the Human Rights Commission, Gillian Triggs, didn’t say that Bali 9 duo, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were killed by Indonesia because of Australia’s Asylum Seeker policy.

Confused? Me too, but let me explain, then we’ll both understand and I’m doubly sure we’ll both be outraged.

Jesus Christ, it's the boat people!

Jesus Christ, it’s the boat people!

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Jebediah – Twenty


When I was in high school and I got pissed off at my parents due to my teenage angst, I would have a selection of songs I would blare from my stereo in anger as I sulked in delusions that I was right about everything and the world was so unfair. Jebediah‘s Leaving Home was definitely one of those songs that I had blaring (see also, Limp Bizkit’s everything and Ludacris’ Move Bitch). In year 9 I even had a picture of Jebediah stuck in my diary, among other pop punk bands and whatever I was in love with back then.

Well Jebedia have released a best of in honor of their 20th anniversary titled Twenty which also includes an extensive tour (happening now) around the country with special guest bands including; Bodyjar, Screamfeeder, and FUR to name a few.

Check out dates – here

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